Welcome to my homepage !
I am a science enthusiast.
I enjoy discovering cultures and people all over the world.

In my website you will find information about computer science such as image processing or machine learning.
I also put some resources to teachings I gave to University (C#, UML...) and scientific paper I published.
You can also have a quick look to my hobbies. I like composing and playing music, travelling and coding.

Kyoto workshop Manpu workshop

About me

Since October 2014, I am research assistant professor at Osaka Prefecture University in the intelligent media processing group which is supervised by Professor Koichi Kise. I was involved in a national CREST project and working with researchers from Tohoku, Kyushu and KEIO Universities until 2016. We use devices such as cameras, eye-trackers, EoGs or smart glasses in order to get information from the reading activity. From 2017 we started a new CREST project with Tokyo and Kobe Universities about "experiential supplement", where I do research about learning and education.

From 2012 to 2014, I was at the head of Research & Development at Gestform, a digitizing company of 340 people. I worked on many projects such as handwriting recognition, image classification, segmentation and recognition.

I am interested about signal analysis, image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining. During my PhD.,I worked 3 years at LaBRI, the computer science laboratory of Bordeaux with Jean-Philippe Domenger (full professor) and Nicholas Journet (assistant professor).

In 2009, I worked 6 months at INRIA about designing multitouch interfaces for 3D interactions in Pascal Guitton team. He is now director of INRIA research. In 2008, I worked 4 months at Kumamoto laboratory. My internship was about chaos theory and its application for random number generation. My advisor was Akio Tsuneda. You will find in my resume more information about my education, my experiences, my skills... I also have some recommendation letters from Pascal Guitton, Jean-Philippe Domenger and Akio Tsuneda.


In Osaka Prefecture university

Since the end of 2014, I'm doing research about reading activity. The main idea is to create a reading-life log to quantify and qualify the daily life reading habits. One simple application is to access your reading history to remember something you read. But we can also give some feedback about how many words do you read a day, what kind of text do you read, etc. We also are interested about educational application such as estimating the English or Japanese skill. I'm using different kind of devices such as eye trackers,

In Bordeaux university and Gestform company

During my PhD I explored new techniques for image processing, analysis and comparison. I also studied machine learning, data mining and information retrieval. I used both image and text information for document image classification and indexation. I worked on many subjects such as : handwriting recognition based on Artificial Neural Network, document image classification based on bags of visual words, detection of check-box location and state, identity card robust and real-time retrieval, incremental learning with user interaction... I developed this techniques in C#, C++, R and applied them in industrial context.


The list of my publications is available on dblp website.

Awards and grants

I was honoured to win one best paper award at CIFED 2012.

In 2012, I got a young researcher grant to stay 3 weeks in the laboratory of my choice from LaBRI.

In 2013 I won the best student paper award at DRR 2013 for my works about semi-structured document image matching and recognition .

In 2015 I got Kakenhi young researcher grant (~4 millions JPY / ~30,000 EUR) to support my research about reading analysis and smart documents.

In 2017 I got the outstanding quality paper reviews award as reviewer of ICDAR 2017. I also got the outstanding service award for serving as local arrangement chair at ICDAR 2017.

SMI Tobii clustering DRR2 match match
lena binarized lena binarized lena edges


I am teaching data mining at Osaka Prefecture University, more specifically about the following topics:

  • Link analysis and PageRank (Google) algorithm.
  • TrustRank and combating web spam.
  • Frequent itemset mining and association rules.
  • Clustering.
  • Recommender systems: content-based and collaborative filtering.
  • Recommender systems: Latent Factor Models, and the Netflix Challenge.

I also taught computer science at Bordeaux University. You can find here some of courses, but they are all in French.

  • XHTML and CSS : 5 lessons.
  • Image processing
    • lesson 1 : Introduction, Histograms and binary operation, exercises and images used for the exercise
    • lesson 2 : Contour detection, image transformation, exercises and images used for the exercises. Another exercise about geometrical transformation and morpho-math
    • lesson 3 : Pattern recognition and segmentation and image analysis. Exercises
    • lesson 4 : Image synthesis. OpenGL introduction
  • C2i : 6 lessons - linux, internet, word, excel, open office and powerpoint.
  • UML : lesson, exercise and quick reference card.
  • C# : exercises.


Music composition


I like to play guitar (acoustic and electric) and piano. I enjoy jazz, blues and rock music. I use essentialy a Guibson SG with a Marshall amplifier. I also have a Wah-Wah and a Big Muff footswitches. You can find my first compositions on Soundcloud and the music I like on my Grooveshark profile.


For work or for leisure, I enjoy to visit many cities and to meet people all over the world such as in San Francisco, Kyoto, Beijing, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Salzburg, Osaka, Venezia, London, Zaragosa...

Coding video games

I used to develop video games with my formal teammates. Most of time we use C# and XNA or HTML5 and javascript. Here is some examples in HTML5: